We can re-gas your air conditioning System, find and repair a leaking pipes or hoses replace leaking componants and remove mould and fungai from you cars evaporator !

Air Conditioning System Regas From £50(R134a) or £200(R1234yf)  
  • Initial pressure readings and vent temperature measured and recorded. 
  • Refrigerant is removed from the system and measured
  • A 20 minute vacuum test is carried out to check for leaks (not all leaks are  detected this way)
  • Leak detection dye is added to the system
  • Oil is added to the system
  • The system is charge with the correct amount of refrigerant
  • Running pressure readings and vent temperature is measured and recorded
Air Conditioning Treatment £15
  •  Fungi and mould can build up around the evaporator behind the dashboard,  this treatment eliminates the mould and fungi and most unpleasant odours.
  •  This treatment is preventative and curative.
Air Conditioning System Leak Detection £50
 Sometimes a leak can be present in the system and still pass the vacuum  check. First we check the system with a UV light to see if the dye is  visible, we then charge the system with oxygen free nitrogen with a hydrogen trace,
 we then use specialist equipment to confirm the leak.
Air Conditioning System Pipe Repair £140
 We can repair most pipes and hoses, sometimes this is done with the  leaking component still on the vehicle but
 sometimes it will have to be removed (at additional cost). The price includes the system being charged with
Air Conditioning System Stop Leak £40
 We can add a stop leak to the system, this will stop most minor leaks  such as pin holes in the condenser or a dry seal. It will not stop leaks in hoses and pipes for these leaks a repair is advised.
All prices include vat